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Gliding Discs - 25 Pair Club Pack - Carpeted Floors

Gliding Discs - 25 Pair Club Pack - Carpeted Floors

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Club pack comes with 25 pairs of Gliding Discs.

Save huge when buying club packs of 25!

Gliding, The Original Sliding Disc Exercise System

The original, authentic, patented sliding disc exercise system! Gliding discs are used by gyms, health clubs and studios across the country. The hard polymer discs are designed to slide easily on carpeted surfaces, but provide just the right amount of resistance. Gliding disc's full 8.9" diameter allows for proper foot placement and entire hand placement.

  • Full 9" diameter disc fits your foot or hand
  • Comes with 4 streaming workout videos
  • For CARPETED floors (or area rugs)
  • Perfect for home exercise: Barre, Pilates, Yoga

Smooth, Fluid Movements

Perfect for Barre, Yoga, Pilates and stretching exercises - at home or in the gym. Allows for smooth, fluid, graceful movement and continuous muscle engagement, which can strengthen and lengthen muscles. Gliding Discs Allows for a more optimal range of motion on almost any smooth, hard flooring surface. They can be used to enhance many exercises, such as HIIT, balance, flexibility, core and cardio.

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